Emergency Exit Lighting

Exit signs are a mandatory feature of public safety and building security. In the event of an emergency, the emergency exit lighting and exit signs shine like beacons to guide people to safety. In high-stress, emergency situations, people sometimes get disoriented and fail to think rationally. That’s why safety precautions like exit signs and emergency exit lighting are so important. Without the proper safety measures, people may not be able to find their way to an exit door, resulting in tragedy. 

Exit Signs & Emergency Exit Lighting Service

Every public facility in Wisconsin is required by law to have exit signage. Northwoods Fire Protection makes it easy and affordable for property managers, businesses, municipalities, healthcare facilities, farmers, and schools to proactively mitigate risk and prevent disasters that may result from inoperable or broken exit lighting. Northwoods Fire Protection installs safety exit signs and emergency exit lighting and ensures that they are fully operational and compliant with insurance regulations and Wisconsin safety codes. 

Commercial Lighted Exit Signs & Emergency Lights

Northwoods Fire Protection’s certified safety technicians:

  • Install new exit signs and emergency exit lighting, to comply with safety regulations and mark fire escapes for safe evacuation
  • Perform annual inspections, including quick checks and 90-minute battery load tests to ensure that all the lighted exit signs and emergency lights are working if the power goes out
  • Replace the proper batteries in exit lights, so clients don’t have the hassle of purchasing batteries and climbing ladders to replace the batteries themselves
  • Contribute to peace of mind, so clients are confident that their fire escape lights and exit signs will work in an emergency
  • Offer dependable, affordable service at a fraction of the cost of other fire safety companies

Affordable WI Fire and Life Safety Company

Don’t leave fire safety to chance! Northwoods Fire Protection not only installs new exit signs and emergency exit lighting, it also performs annual inspections and changes batteries in emergency exit signs and emergency exit lighting. Prevent property damage, lost time, injury, and loss of life by partnering with Northwoods Fire Protection today.