Fire Extinguishers

Every commercial business, agricultural operation, school, and municipality has a legal obligation to ensure that their firefighting equipment is regularly checked and annually serviced. In Wisconsin, a minimum of one fire extinguisher is required in every business and commercial occupancy. When small fires erupt, fire extinguishers oftentimes are the first defense to contain or put out the fire. Like any other piece of lifesaving equipment, fire extinguishers need to be inspected, tested, and maintained to ensure they’re operable in an emergency. With annual servicing, fire extinguishers can be reliable, effective safety tools to combat a small fire in its early stages. Northwoods Fire Protection is an affordable, full-service provider of fire extinguisher sales and service. 

Yearly Inspection of Handheld & Wheeled Extinguishers 

Ensure that your Wisconsin company, school, or municipality complies with National Fire Protection Association(NFPA) fire codes and insurance regulations. Contract with the qualified and certified fire safety professionals at Northwoods Fire Protection. Trained safety technicians conduct annual external inspections of portable, hand-held and wheeled fire extinguishers. Inspectors check for corrosion, or damage that would adversely affect the fire extinguisher’s operation. Additionally, inspectors ensure that the extinguishers are located where they are supposed to be, totally visible, easy to access, and fully operational. Northwoods Fire Protection also sells new handheld and wheeled fire extinguishers.

6-Year Inspection by Qualified Fire Safety Professionals 

Northwoods Fire Protection conducts an internal examination of fire extinguishers every six years. Northwoods Fire Protection breaks down, inspects, refills and recharges, the fire extinguishers. Northwoods Fire Protection also performs 12 year hydrotest (pressure test) at our in-house facility. Our fire safety technicians are trained and experienced in maintaining fire extinguishers of all brands and Class A, B, C, D, and K, Halon, and Halon alternatives.

Convenient Drop-Off & Pick-Up for Home Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is highly recommended in every Wisconsin home, especially near the primary fire-danger areas of the garage and kitchen. Handheld, home fire extinguishers should be professionally serviced every six years. Plus, extinguishers need to be recharged and refilled after each use, even if the extinguishers aren’t completely empty. The recharging process ensures that the fire extinguisher has enough chemical and pressure to combat the next fire. Northwoods Fire Protection provides convenient drop-off and pick-up of home fire extinguishers in three Wisconsin locations: Klein’s Hardware Hank, 2206 Forest Ave., Two Rivers; Konen Sales & Service, 23119 Wisconsin 57, Kiel; and Qualheim’s True Value, 1345 E. Green Bay St., Shawano.

Affordable WI Fire and Life Safety Company

Don’t leave fire safety to chance! Northwoods Fire Protection not only sells fire extinguishers. Northwoods also provides fire extinguisher annual external inspections and 6-year internal inspections at a fraction of the cost of other fire safety companies. Prevent property damage, lost time, injury, and loss of life by partnering with Northwoods Fire Protection today.